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Melbourne based design
specialising in type design.


En Dash Custom Keyboard

The En Dash is a privately run TKL featuring an F13 key thanks to the recently available H88 PCB by Hiney.

Heres some stats:
Layout: TKL with F13 – Please note this will be available as WKL ONLY to keep things a bit simpler for my sake as a first timer.
Materials & Finishing: Made from Aluminium 6063 and brass.
Brass will be sandblasted matte and left uncoated to patina – this is my preference when it comes to brass.
PCB: H88 Hiney PCB
Angle: 8 degrees
Built weight: 2.8kg

Private run has fully shipped. Thank you to everyone who participated. Newcomers keep an eye on my instagram for updates on future runs and projects.