Finder Works

Custom Type —
  1. Tangerine Mono
  2. Estragon
  3. Brot
  4. Chessari
  5. In Progress

Product —
  1. Tengu Keyboard
  2. En Dash Keyboard

Graphic — 
  1. Supernormal Cinema
  2. Foundations
  3. Pizza One


Melbourne based design
specialising in type design.


Tangerine Mono

Tangerine Mono is currently available in two cuts – Regular and Extra Extended.

Created with the intention to be used as a workhorse mono, the regular cut pushes it’s pressure into the corners making each glyph easily recognisable at smaller sizes and against a dark theme backgroud for all you programmers.


Extra Extended

The initial release does not come with a heavier or lighter version of the font. Emphasis can be applied with the use of the double width Extra Extended.